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Join Faith Voters Defending the Right to Contraception and IVF: We Will Vote Pro-Family in 2024

The Real Threat Against Contraception & Why Faith Voters Care

In the USA, nine out of ten families use contraception to responsibly plan when to have children. However, in 2022, 195 US House Republicans voted against the Right to Contraception Act, intentionally preventing the federal government from guaranteeing access to basic birth control resources like condoms, birth control pills, and IUDs. 


In 2024, after two years of restrictive contraception bills across the country, Congress had another chance to protect access to contraception at the national level. Despite broad bipartisan support from the American people and especially among faith voters, the GOP, once again, voted against it. They have consistently chosen to cater to the far-right fringe of their base rather than protect the basic rights of the American public. 


And it’s not just congressmen who have caved to the far-right. Donald Trump recently said on the campaign trail that he thinks contraception access should be for the states to decide—knowing full well that in states like Alabama, Wisconsin, and Virginia, state leaders have already signaled their willingness to take it away. 


If they have their way, birth control could be severely restricted or even banned outright. For Christian families who rely on contraception to manage their households and uphold their values of responsible parenthood, such restrictions could have devastating consequences to family life— increasing the risk of unintended pregnancies and extreme financial hardship.

Why Faith Voters Must Protect IVF If We Are Truly Pro-Family

Infertility is a deeply emotional and painful journey, and for couples grappling with it, IVF represents a beacon of hope. Unfortunately, the threat to in vitro fertilization (IVF) is growing across the country. 


In June 2024, the Southern Baptist Convention, which represents 13 million Americans as the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, formally passed a resolution against in vitro fertilization and requested the government take action to stop it.


Earlier in 2024, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen IVF embryos must be treated as living children, effectively banning IVF statewide. The University of Alabama at Birmingham suspended its IVF program, leaving couples in treatment stranded after investing tens of thousands of dollars. 


As faith voters, we believe both the Alabama Supreme Court and the Southern Baptist Convention’s decisions reflect a profound misunderstanding of what it means to be pro-family and pro-life. By declaring frozen embryos to be children, they have stripped away the possibility of having a family from millions of Americans. 


And Republicans in the US Senate have declined to do anything about it—in fact, they have actively enabled the attack on IVF. By blocking the “Right to IVF Act” in June 2024, Senate Republicans have proven their willingness to throw American families under the bus to cater to extremists.

Join Faith Voters Protecting Contraception & IVF in 2024

As faith voters, we pray that our elected leaders will see beyond partisan bias and do right by the American people by protecting the Right to Contraception and the Right to IVF at the national level. 


Our votes will match our prayers. In 2024, we commit to voting for leaders who will prove themselves to be truly pro-family by voting to protect essential family resources like birth control and IVF. The government’s job is to support couples building stable, healthy homes to raise their children—the next generation of Americans.  Anything less, including policies bent on stripping away basic family planning resources, is out of line and out of touch with the will of faith voters. 

Please join other faith voters speaking out for American families.

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