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No Faith in Trump

As faith voters, we believe it’s important that our vote reflects our Christians values. That’s why so many Christians are turning away from this year’s GOP candidate, Donald Trump. 


We find his words and actions inconsistent with Christ’s teachings and the biblical values which we aim to uphold as part of the Christian witness. 


We cannot in good faith vote for Trump while he lies, cheats, and steals—against his wife, his business, and the American people. 


It’s time we hold true to our values and join together in community and prayer to defend the United States of America for the generations to come. 

Join us!

I supported Trump in the past and can't now. 

I am a conservative Christian who cannot vote for Trump.

Thank you for speaking out. Please share with your community so they can too. 

No Faith In Trump is a project of Faith Voters. For more information, visit our project site at 

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