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Evangelicals for Harris

Why are Christians voting for Kamala Harris?

Throughout her career, Kamala Harris has consistently led by service, compassion, and a duty to do what's right for all Americans. 

As Evangelical Christians, we trust Kamala Harris—not only as a person with outstanding moral character and judgment— but also as a sister in Christ and a leader who will unite our nation and continue the legacy she helped build under the Biden-Harris administration.


Learn More About Evangelicals for Harris

Evangelicals for Harris is a project founded because of our Christian belief in the common good. As Evangelicals it is our calling from God to love our neighbors, to serve those less fortunate than us, and to stand up in defense of the weak.


While we should let our light shine in every aspect of our daily lives, fulfilling our calling in today’s world requires engaging in politics. Whether it be voting, sharing beliefs on social media, or even campaigning, we need to make sure our words and actions match our core Christian values of love, service, justice, and grace.


Evangelicals for Harris is a platform for Christians to access the resources they need to speak out.

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